In a world filled with uncertainty and injustice, it’s sad to see the largely increasing number of people experiencing challenges. Truth is, we all want to feel that we’re important; that our lives matter. Many young girls are indirectly asking for someone to tell them they are attractive and loved. Countless young men are busy promoting an image of so-called masculinity as they try to impress people looking on because of low self-worth. These cycles are destructive because they are built around the theory that people are valuable because of how they look or what they do well. The greatest feeling of worth is knowing we’re all connected, and we all have the capacity to do something worthwhile for ourselves and the greater The #iAmValuable Foundation has chosen to reach out to assist and encourage individuals in need by showing them their value despite their current situation. Our mission and purpose is to encourage people that their current circumstance does not have to define them. All of us at the #iAmValuable Foundation feel like our lives matter when we do something about the things that matter to us. In this way, we become part of something greater than ourselves. Want to get involved ? Want to impact your community? Contribute to the mission of the #iAmValuable Foundation. Every item purchased will be used to purchase additional materials and supplies to be given away free to struggling communities, underprivileged youth and those who simply have a need.  Everyone should be given a virtual “mirror” to see their worth.  You are priceless – help us spread positivity to someone less fortunate so they too can say with conviction – #iAmValuable


David Frazier is the founder and CEO of the #iAmValuable Foundation. David has nearly three decades of experience in reaching and touching the hearts of people everywhere.  David founded his first company, God’s Music Inc., a ministry one-stop company, in 1989.  This entity houses David’s music publishing arm that shares music around the world. One of David’s song “I Need You To Survive” is the genesis thought that supports the #iAmValuable Movement. David has sown the initial seeds to start the movement, buying t-shirts, armbands and hats to give to people all over the country.

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